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  • [[testing]] [[pipe links]]
    • Poll if you're interested: for piped links (of the form [[foo|bar]], which order looks most natural to you?
      • Option 1: [[page name | an alias, perhaps in long form]]
      • Option 2: [[long form, perhaps matching the previous sentence | page name]]
      • Option 3: [[why don't we have both|por qué no los dos]] :)
  • #push [[logseq bugs]]
    • [[logseq]] sometimes 'snaps out' of my settings and goes back to writing pages in pages/ and journals in the IMHO weird format yyyy_MM_dd and so on. Restarting seems to fix it?
    • [[another try]]
  • now using [[foam]] in [[paramita]], [[logseq]] in [[nostromo]].
    • I intend to keep it that way for a while I think?
  • worked quite a bit, but got some stuff done -- happy about it learnt about [[gnu stow]] for managing [[dotfiles]].
  • [[agora]]
  • I need to get back to some threads over social media:
    • [[stoa]]
    • question from [[codex]]
    • find that thread where someone was super kind and I just didn't answer them before losing the thread
    • DONE continue doing something with [[matrix bot]]?
    • DONE ship [[pipe links]]
    • catch up with [[agora discuss]]! but how? :)
      • perhaps through the bot/grabbing logs otherwise?
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