📕 subnode [[@flancian/2022 04 01]] in 📚 node [[2022-04-01]]
  • [[ivo]]
  • [[ana]]
  • [[fauno]]
  • [[berni]] has severe toothache, I'm worried for him
  • I saw my [[dermatologist]] after long; I like her.
  • [[work]]
    • we built [[legos]] with my coworkers. I like my coworkers, I'm lucky there. I'm not sure I like assembling legos in general, (at least the model ones -- the ones that are meant to build up to One Big Thing, with instructions -- or perhaps this one was a particularly finicky one).
    • I realize now I'm critical of the company relatively often -- I still think it's a great place to work, and the people are great. I wonder if I'm the old curmudgeon now. Likely.
  • I would love to be a better person than I am -- I am so insufficient really.
    • I find comfort in knowing there are many better than I -- now and in the future.
  • started watching [[capra course]] [[lecture 6]]

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