• [[metasj]] There's no RC for cat membership, but https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/API:Categorymembers returns a full current list, and for incremental updates https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/API:Usercontribs with ucshow=new returns new pages created by a user.
  • [[metasj]] The only schema would be (extracting local agora name from mw page-title prefix). Other processing: Link extraction would be looking at each wikilink on the MW page and a) converting to an agora link if the target is also a [[category:agora]] page, b) interpreting other [[localname:title]] links or [https://url external links] as agora links if the target agora is known (and the localname: is not also the name of a local MW namespace)

Related MW plugin: "cascading wikilinks" -- a patch to the link-generator JS widget, which currently automatically generates the proper MW markdown for an external URL or a local wikipage, that a) recognizes a cascading list of agoras. So I can write "flancia:agora", link it, press enter, and have it resolve b) option: automatically adds a footnote w/ a "see also: [[article]]" when there's an entry in a Wikimedia-namespace w/ the same term.

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πŸ“– Open document (Hedgedoc) at https://doc.anagora.org/agora-mediawiki-integration
πŸ“– Open document (Etherpad) at https://stoa.anagora.org/p/agora-mediawiki-integration