📕 subnode [[@flancian/ahs]] in 📚 node [[ahs]]


  • [[pull]] [[annotated-hub-of-science]]
  • [[hub]]
    • [[components]]
      • [[hillel]]
        • [[p2p repository]]
        • its storage aspect could be [[ipfs]]
        • plus [[fatcat]]?
        • authors could give copies directly to specific people that interested in them, which is usually allowed by contracts with publishers even when open web publishing is forbidden by terms
      • [[starling]]
        • searching for a paper could be seen as an intent by a reader to get a paper; and authors could set the system up to auto-share with interested people
        • starling is a [[mechanism]]
      • [[summaries]] (unnamed)
      • [[web annotations]] could
  • pending names :)
  • [[push]] [[ahs]]
    • instead of trying to figure out how to solve tangential complexity, a platform to focus on what's the focus of our disciplines
    • a platform for [[scholarship]]
    • what do we need?
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