• a [[talk]]
    • [[augment minds 2021]]
    • by [[paul bricman]]
    • [[designing semantic spacetimes in five mechanics]]
    • [[push]] [[semantic embeddings]]
      • a set of coordinates in space that can be assigned to a piece of content.
      • semantic difference -> geometric distance
      • conceptual parallels -> geometrics parallels
    • some mechanics
    • what if we didn't even add titles to our notes (blocks)? perhaps the content itself is the best addressing mechanism
      • embed each document semantically, then work within a radius
        • (very agora like!)
    • [[static linking]] vs [[dynamic linking]] (perhaps a bit of a stretch)
      • static linking: you use [[wikilinks]] in a tool like [[roam]] to link out to particular notes
      • dynamic linking: you select a fragment of a note and make it into a link
        • the results of the retrieval process depend on an evolving corpus
    • [[time as a first class citizen]]
      • no timestamp involved in at least [[obsidian]] vaults
      • there might be many situations where storing the timestamp of a document could be very useful
      • take the ML space: [[transformer]] happened and it took over a chunk of the space.
      • you get a dimension of understanding when adding the time dimension to your analysis of a space
    • [[mutable entries]] vs [[immutable entries]]
      • if you keep editing mutable entries you need to first search/retrieve/manage changes
      • instead you could just add immutable items
      • this is very much like the motivation for [[push]] in the [[agora]], or at least goes very well with it
    • [[contextual retrieval]]

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