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        • "Jane Harrison, ‘Heresy and Humanity’ (1909) John McTaggart, ‘Dare to be wise’ (1909) Noel Burgess Michell, ‘The Secular Education Movement’ (1910) Edward Clodd, ‘Obscurantism in Modern Science’ (1911) A.L. Bacharach, ‘Thomas Hardy, the Poet of Heresy’ (1911) Bertrand Russell, ‘Religion and Science’ (1911) George Bernard Shaw, ‘The Religion of the Future’ (1911) F.M. Cornford, ‘Religion and the University’ (1911) Joseph McCabe, ‘Materialism’ (1912) Prof. Patrick Geddes, ‘Mythology and Life—an Interpretation of Olympus as Rediscoverable’ (1912) Harold Munro, ‘Contemporary English Poetry’ (1912) Jane Harrison, ‘Unanimism: A Study of Conversion and Some Contemporary French Poets’ (1912) Rupert Brooke, ‘The Drama: Present and Future’ (1913) Georg Brandes, ‘Nietzsche’ (1913) Goldsworthy Lowes Dickinson, ‘The Religion of Time and the Religion Of Eternity’ (1914) G. E. Moore, ‘The Philosophy of Commonsense’ (1914) Cicely Hamilton, ‘The Conventions of the Theatre’ (1914) Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, ‘Futurism’ (1914) Gilbert Murray, ‘The Conception of Another World’ (1914) George Santayana, ‘An Interpretation of Transcendentalism’ (1914) Constance Stoney, ‘Early Double Monasteries’ (1914) Harold Monro, ‘The God-Myth in Modern Poetry’ (1915) Cecil Delisle Burns, ‘The Debt of Modern Philosophy to Literature’ (1915) Shinji Ishii, ‘Freedom of Thought in Japan’ (1915) Vernon Lee, ‘War, Group-Emotion and Art’ (1915) Eileen Power, ‘Cult of the Virgin in the Middle Ages’ (1915) Hypatia Bradlaugh Bonner, ‘Belief, Make-belief, and Unbelief ‘ (1916) Dora Black (later Russell), ‘Some Conceptions of Comedy’ (1916) Professor W. Bateson, ‘Evolutionary Theory and Modern Doubts’ (1916) Rebecca West, ‘Emotion and Education’ (1917) Adrian Stephen, ‘In Defence of Understanding’ (1917) L. Susan Stebbing, ‘The Utility of Metaphysics’ (1917) D. Wrinch, ‘The Inter-Relation of Science and Philosophy’ (1918) D. W. Black, ‘The Abbé Pluche and other Christian Apologists’ (1918) George Santayana, ‘Philosophic Opinion in America’ (1918) Graham Wallas, ‘Rational Purpose’ (1918) E. B. C. Jones, ‘Walter de la Mare’ (1918) Dora Black (later Russell), ‘How to be Happy—Some 18th Century Recipes’ (1918) Miss Strachey, ‘The Case against Modern Poetry’ (1919) E. B. C. Jones, ‘The Art of Walter de la Mare’ (1920) Eileen Power, ‘The Nun in Literature’ (1920) I. A. Richards and C. K. Ogden, ‘The New Symbolist Movement’ (1920) Eileen Power, ‘A plea for the Middle Ages’ (1920) Lytton Strachey, ‘Art and Indecency’ (1920) Harold Monro, ‘Can any Religion meet the Conditions of Modern European Civilization?’ (1921) Dr. Marriette Soman, ‘Modern French Literature’ (1921) Edith Sitwell, ‘Modern Criticism’ (1921) Clive Bell, ‘Jazz Art’ (1921) B. K. (Kingsley) Martin, ‘The Psychology of the Press’ (1922) Lancelot Law Whyte, ‘Adventures of Atoms’ (1922) Bertrand Russell, ‘Traditional Religion’; and Dora Russell, ‘The Industrial Creed’ (1922) Max Newman, ‘Can Physics be saved from the Mathematicians?’ (1922) J. B. S. Haldane, ‘Daedalus’ (1923) Walter de la Mare, ‘Islands and Robinson Crusoe’ (1923) Roger Fry, ‘Composition’ (1923) Virginia Woolf, ‘Character in Fiction’ (1924) Leonard Woolf, ‘Hunting the Highbrow’ (1926) Ludwig Wittgenstein, ‘Ethics’ (1929) Adrian Stephen, ‘A Description of Freudian Analysis’ (1930) Prince Mirsky, ‘Dialectical Materialism’ (1931)"
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