counter anti disintermediation

  • a [[doctrine]]
    • [[against]] [[anti disintermediation]]
      • says that [[distributed systems]] and [[web 3]] are likely the best tools to counteract [[anti disintermediation]] as effected by profit-seeking centralizing entities
      • I would posit that the [[agora]] fits the doctrine: it is based on distributed concepts even if currently mostly implemented as server side; data integrate comes from repositories in user control; and is not profit seeking.
    • [[go]]
      • [[quote]] Users of e-mail and Usenet, the two most common platforms, did not generally operate their own servers on their own local computers, but were dependent on servers run by others. But servers require upkeep. Operators need to finance hosting and administration. As the Internet grew beyond its relatively small early base, Internet service came to be provided by capitalist corporations, rather than public institutions, small businesses, or universities. Open, decentralized services came to be replaced by private, centralized platforms. The profit interests of the platform financiers drove [[anti-disintermediation]].
      • [[quote]] End-to-End principle: platforms must not depend on servers and admins, even when cooperatively run, but must, to the greatest degree possible, run on the computers of the platform’s users.
    • [[web 3]] is a possible answer, being a set of tools to drive a serverless internet
    • [[neil]]
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