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Dan Whaley


  • [[demo]] / [[walkthrough]]
  • nodes
  • stoa
  • actions
  • next features to ship
    • social media import, per post
    • social media import, bulk
    • arbitrary repo import
    • ipfs support


  • catch up
  • q: international deployment
    • currently US and Canada mostly
    • do provide this internationally though
    • delighted to talk to schools in new areas



  • [[readwise]] [[notion]] [[roam]]
    • There seem to be many pipelines involving these and [[hypothes.is]]
  • [[2021]] [[goals]]
    • [[integration]] [[mvp]]
      • Assemble a 'small team' of interested open source devs or keep it in a small group?
      • Dan: probably use one of the following strategies
    • See paper notebook.




  • 22 people now in the company!
  • Raising money
  • [[Skunk works]]
  • Youtube annotator
    • [[docdrop]]
    • What about integrating this into the [[agora]]?
  • [[athens]] story
    • joined the beta
    • great for single-user use cases
    • but doesn't go after collaboration, publishing, web
  • [[fedwiki]] seems to be the closest thing to the agora
    • check out the wednesday calls
  • [[react]] (a module) could be another frontend to the agora
  • would love to experiment to [[hypothes.is]]
  • [[underlay]]
    • seemed like it was more about structured representation
    • agora is more like [[folksonomy]]



  • Journey to understand the broad frame.
    • There is a movement in humanity towards networked thinking.
    • The book -> the telephone -> the web.
    • What's next? There's another step coming. The beginning of truly coordinated semantic thinking.
    • Dan believes that the note taking paradigm with wiki links is a key part of this journey but it needs an ingredient.
      • Standards.
      • Open coordination.
      • Federation.
    • Annotation is the edge. An event horizon.
      • The ability to coordinate between clients that live at the edge is key.
      • Does not yet have the power of the wiki link.
    • Notion/Roam are not yet unlocking the full human potential.
      • Dan is on a journey to find what are the essential components.
    • Open questions: groups, groups permissions.
    • Hypothesis gets tweeted at by people who are using their tools in new ways.
  • John Gilmore.
    • Local cyberpunk guy, founder of Sun Microsystems.
    • Lots of different annotation services; how do you know which annotation services have annotations with a page?
    • Similar problem to go link authorities.
    • DHT.
  • Del.ic.ious.


  • Some people think that the fact that backlinks were absent in the original web was part of what let it grow.


  • What if in the future you can't just run a server in your closet?
  • W3C
    • Hypothes.is is part of it
    • [[Tim Berners Lee]] holds it together.
    • Community group -> working group
    • [[Ivan Herman]]
      • Senior staff at W3C
    • Community group is outside the W3C, but blessed. Build a community, clear plan. Then you're invited to a working group.
  • Browser vendors consortium (name?)
    • Conveniently outside the W3C.


  • [[Annotation standard]]: read it
    • Data model
      • JSON/RDF: elements that needs to make up an annotation
    • Protocol
      • Rest
    • Vocabulary
      • What are the concepts in this space.

One idea

  • A discrete component.
  • Glorified markdown editors.
  • Hypothes.is -> readwise -> Roam
    • Hypothes.is as a SGK client
    • Standards compliant wiki service

Social Networks

  • Dan agrees that most of the activity is socially beneficial.
  • People still think of these networks as being apart from themselves. But the network is the organism.


  • Tagging.
  • Open source versions of projects.
    • Athens.
    • Truly networked paradigm?
  • Loose coupling / loose integration.
  • My view: personal gardens are what get a critical mass. It needs to be independent.
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