∂ part of node [[defoam]]
  • I [[ditched foam]] on [[2021-05-08]] due to an accumulation of paper cuts. [[foam]] is fine, but now I've seen [[obsidian]] as of May 2021 I have no qualms moving on -- at least for now.
  • I ditched [[slugs]]. That means that files that used to be named an-example.md are now named an example.md. I used to think slugs were superior but on second thought the filesystem doesn't seem like the right layer to add them. Better to encode in full unicode and then [[slugify]] at render time.
  • [[foam]] used to add autogenerated footnotes to each page for some kind of compatibility mode that never seemed to work for me:
    • [[Pasted image 20210509183857.png]]

    • To remove this needless metadata from a [[digital garden]], you can use the following one-liner:
      • sed -i '/\[\/\/begin\]/,/\[\/end\]/d' *md
    • sed is "native" to [[linux]] and [[os x]] but these days should be installable in windows through [[wsl]].
    • This brought the word count in my garden from ~140k to ~120k.