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  • This is feedback I've gotten.
    • [[flancia]]
      • Improve the slogans. "In Flancia there is no poverty" sounds a bit "save the world", generic, a platitude; but the idea behind Flancia is to write a plan together to at least try to "[[change the world]]"; it could communicate that. I should in general make it clearer that it's an action-based rational, creative movement.
      • "In Flancia there is no privilege" and "In Flancia there is an Agora" got better reviews.
      • I should read more on: [[postmodernism]] [[privilege]] [[ethics]] [[feminism]]
        • [[Peter Singer]] is my delegate for [[ethics]]
        • Perhaps [[read]] a criticism of [[Peter Singer]]
        • If you have a delegate in a certain area (think of [[liquid democracy]]), it seems to me one is ethically bound to stay up to date with criticism of the delegate.