∂ part of node [[flancians]]


  • The people that build [[Flancia]].
  • A Flancian is any person that follows an explicit public social [[contract]].
    • You can become a Flancian anytime: you just declare that you are a Flancian. This means you are in alignment with the assertions in this subnode, and any explicit extensions you publish and are accepted by the community of Flancians as defined by this node in the Agora of Flancia.
    • You can cease to be a Flancian anytime: you declare that you are not a Flancian. This means whatever you want it to mean, as specified in your declaration of intent.
  • A Flancian is honest.
    • A Flancian is sincere about their ethics. Their public social [[contract]] is aligned with their true values.
    • A Flancian tries to be open with their thoughts and actions.
    • A Flancian tries to be good, is always by default well-intentioned and pro-social: good to others.
    • A Flancian believes in the power of knowledge, of insight, of science.
  • See also (legacy wiki): https://anagora.org/wiki/Flancians