To use foam: - Fork its template repository: You can use any name you desire for your repository. - Install [[vscode]] if necessary: Launch it. - Select 'clone repository' -- if you're using [[github]], log in with [[github]]. Authorize [[vscode]] to make changes to your account. It sometimes requires you to retry once for some reason. - [[vscode]] should offer to install recommended extensions. Say yes. - You can now use [[foam]]: - Press alt-d to start a new daily note (your journal). - Write [[wikilinks]] to link to other pages. - Control-click them to visit existing linked notes or create them if needed. - ctrl-p to open an existing note. - ctrl-shift-p to bring up the [[vscode]] command palete; you can search for any command and see keyboard shortcuts. - Whenever you want to commit to your repository (and the Agora), save all files and use the "branch-like" icon on the left toolbar to review changes and write a commit message. - You may need to set a and in git. To do this, open the terminal in [[vscode]] and type: - git config --global "Your Name" - git config --global ""