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Getting Things Done

  • [[GTD]] for short. A [[productivity]] method by [[David Allen]].
  • It's also a book, which I haven't read; [[Luciana]] has.
  • [[go]] https://hamberg.no/gtd
  • The gist of it:
    • Break down tasks. Be specific.
    • When go through your backlog, like any inbox (including a "main" one, your base field of operations for executing the GTD algorithms), you try to either take any needed action immediately (but only if it's short; perhaps set a threshold in seconds, rather than minutes) or classify for later doing.
    • My take: as I can, I try to expand items, breaking them down into simpler actions and tagging them (classifying them) with a greater degree of specificity. This makes the tasks more tractable over time.
    • You classify according to [[time]] and [[context]] for the task of doing. Some example tags:
    • [[next action]] is where a lot of the magic happens. At some point something needs to be your [[next action]] to get done :)
  • I'm trying using [[Getting Things Done]] in the [[Agora]]:
    • Actions are wikilinks (I don't distinguish between links and tags; they're all just nodes).
    • [[read]], [[research]], [[write]].
    • [[next action]].
    • [[dome day]].
    • [[agora plan]].
    • [[do]] acts as an index/root node of the GTD system; whenever I don't know what to do, I just visit [[do]] :)