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hope or hype for art


  • got here late
  • [[zoom]] really has very very poor screencast quality it seems? I can't even read the text on the screen.
    • nevermind, it was likely an issue with the first presenter
  • [[jin]] presenting
  • [[molly mackinlay]] from [[protocol labs]]
    • an [[nft]] is just a contract in a blockchain.
    • it doesn't solve the problem of hosting the content you are acquiring with the contract.
    • sometimes people sell NFTs that just refer to a centralized URL that breaks/can be made to serve other content
    • [[ipfs]] allows you to refer to a fingerprint that will remain constant
    • [[nft storage]] offers a simple API for storing NFTs
  • [[sarah friend]]
    • dispelling NFT myths
      • "nfts represent art"
        • they can represent game assets, non fungible things off blockchain (real estate for example)
      • "nfts are new"
        • 2014-2015
      • "nfts are ethereum specific"
        • they can run on any blockchain that supports contracts
      • nfts only make up 2-3% of ethereum contracts approx.
      • "nfts change the copyright status of items"
        • nope, they don't interact with copyright. even if you buy an NFT, the copyright stays with the artist.
        • note this is true also of physical artworks.
  • [[ruth catlow]]
    • we are seeing the art world and crypto economics colliding
    • the art world faces awkward problems:
      • reconciling the value of a work of art within a social context vs its economic value
      • funding -- many sources, but not enough to fund every artist to a reasonable lifestyle
      • art being a vehicle for speculation and money laundering
    • the crypto world has many problems of its own:
      • diversity problems -- the more prominent proponents are rich men
      • exclusionary
    • what can NFTs do for us?
      • create new funding models
      • redefine ownership
      • define new relationships between artists, patrons and ecosystems
    • common mistakes
      • artists as producers of items of high value
        • causes confusion and tension
        • many artists bring high value to the nft ecosystem
    • [[async art]], [[hen]] were mentioned
  • [[wendy hanamura]] is the moderator
  • Q: what's been happening inside the nft world?
    • [[jin]]
      • (who made more money with one nft that during five years of producing digital content previously)
    • [[sarah friend]]
      • in february this year an artist made a website called [[cryptoart wtf]], you could type the name of any artist and see their [[carbon footprint]]
      • never thought she would spend so much time fact checking this kind of thing
  • [[wendy hanamura]] perhaps the reason that people are anti-nft is environmental mostly?
    • [[jin]] the ethereum community is solving this with proof of stake. layer2 is also rolling out.
    • [[sarah friend]] true that PoW is expensive
    • [[wendy]] is it true you haven't built on PoW for a while?
    • [[sarah friend]] yes, haven't worked on a [[pow]] blockchain since 2017. have found it not even difficult to avoid [[pow]].
    • [[molly mackinlay]] we have to perhaps do a better job at communicating that [[nfts]] are not the artwork, they are more like a receipt.
  • [[wendy hanamura]] question on the chat; people think perhaps the panel is too one-sided (positive) and were expecting pros/cons
    • [[ruth catlow]] the environmental impact question steamrolled over the fact that many artists in this field are very much socially aware; the moral panic prevented us from having a more interesting conversation
  • [[wendy hanamura]] question from chat: why do we need to introduce scarcity? why isn't patreon good enough?
    • [[ruth catlow]] patreon works well for some things
    • [[sarah friend]] one of the things patreon is critized for is (...)
  • (dropping out due to conflict, check notes in [[@vera/2021-05-04]] for more)
  • how do [[nfts]] rank for [[dweb principles]]?
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