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I like static

Sometimes I run into software or hardware [[glitches]] that cause static. Like when you hit an audio bug; I had pulseaudio somehow introduce a weird feedback like effect while I was playing music a few weeks ago. Or perhaps compression artifacts get amplified; or noise cancelling doesn't quite get it right during a video call. It just happened while we were listening to [[roxanne gay]] on [[instagram]].

But I find the effect [[euphonic]] often. It seems to add something; it is like randomness but not quite randomness. And this thing just happened: I finally started reading [[Hofstadter]], [[I am a strange loop]], and he goes quite deep (in an interested way) into the nature of feedback processes, halls of mirrors, echoes. So I can't help but think that the static I hear carries some of that nature: it is an expression of the complexity of a signal, not quite propagated through time -- propagated through a set of lossy [[morphisms]].