∂ part of node [[interintellect]]


  • a [[group]]
    • founded by [[Anna Gat]]
    • [[go]] https://interintellect.org
    • centered around [[Salons]] -- relatively exclusive events you usually have to pay a low fee to attend.
    • my old position:
      • I dislike the name, a lot. I dislike the whole 'niche', 'intellectual' aspect of it.
      • I dislike the "exclusivity" focus the group seem to have at least in some initial messaging; it felt [[exclusionary]]. I dislike the word "luxe".
      • [[evaricweicksel]] likes it though, and he seems cool.
      • [[visakanv]] apparently also likes it.
      • I don't know if I'm in it -- I joined it early, then never heard about it, and [[Anna Gat]] didn't seem interested in interacting with me at all. Yet I received a ping from a random person on Twitter offering a beta program for members of it (?).
    • My new position:
      • I dislike it when it's exclusive or profit-oriented, I like it when it's inclusive and diverse -- and that's at least most of the time. So it seems irrational to dislike it overall. I'm going to assume it's a group with 90% of people I like.