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Jeff Tang

  • Q: What do you need?
    • Let's talk more!
  • Q: would publishing Athens to web be useful? Agora
    • wikilinks with brackets, broadcast to all digital gardens participating
  • Q: How does [[Athens]] fit in the wider ecosystem?
    • A: unfortunately not lots of collaboration.
    • A: some chats with [[Foam]] and [[logseq]]. logseq have the most in common; they use clojurescript/datascript.
    • A: it's probably too hard to merge projects or come up with a shared vision.
    • A: coordination cost is high. Expected value is not very high in the immediate. We are all trying to be successful, then
  • A coordination problem
    • Civilization suffers from it. We need to believe that it can be solved, but it's unclear how to go about it.
    • Most recent examples of successful standards come from crypto. In the crypto space you have open protocols, a few companies work exclusively on exchanges and interop.
  • W3C standard: would you be happy if that happened?
    • Jeff: Yes! But does everyone want that? Coordination again.
    • [[logseq]] started one month before [[Athens]]; similar number of contributors. Wanted to partner with them, we had an agreement. First a standard, then perhaps even merging; we had similar visions, were using similar technologies.
    • Coordinating was considered too difficult in the end at this stage.
  • Hub-like standard? Periphery. Hypothesis: multiplayer is key. Hub provides multiplayer, a social graph.
    • Beautiful but very idealistic.
    • A: I'm also very pragmatic though.
  • Social knowledge graphs
  • Look up: [[Nate Liason]] -- "effortless output in Roam". More for beginners.