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Ken Wilber

  • [[integral theory]]
  • [[buddhist geeks]] podcast:
    • First stage/turning of Buddhism: nirvana as the goal. Arhat. [[theravada]].
    • Second stage: nirvana and samsara joined. Non-dual. Bodhisattva. [[Nagarjuna]]. [[mahayana]
      • [[some rinpoche]]: The Bodhisattva vow is not about putting off enlightenment really; you need to know the destination to help others get it. The real point is to just not enter Nirvana and leave Samsara behind; rather to stay in a unified state to serve as a bridge.
    • Third stage accepts the second stage. Buddha nature is a wisdom mind, it is always present. Explores mind states more thoroughly. [[vajrana]].
    • Fourth turning: about [[growing up]] (e.g. [[Piaget]], [[Kegan]]) and [[cleaning up]] (psychotherapy?).