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  • a [[pattern]].
    • I like [[lists]]. I keep some in the [[agora]], often very incomplete.
      • They are usually plurals for the item. The list of items of type [[list]] is [[lists]].
      • [[pull]] [[lists]]
      • [[push]] [[do]]
        • As of [[2021-08-07]] I have not implemented this, but I plan to make it so that if you use [[agora protocol]] you can mention the type of a node (e.g. 'a thing' in this page) and it will cause it to be auto-appended as an item to the list of the matching plural (e.g. 'things').
        • For now you can just push/pull items to/from lists.
        • [[wikipedia]] has a great many great [[lists]]. I find them very interesting and I'd like to include more of them in the [[agora]].
    • [[push]] [[do]] - is a [[list]] of [[actions]], [[patterns]]
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