The government takes one webcam and gives it to your neighbor. for previous notes


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[ summarized and annotated ]:

a space for [[synthesis]]




  1. Namespace for (articles, concepts, authors)

[identify 100 disciplines; top X historical + current articles, their authors + cites]


Units of contribution:

  1. choose a discipline, build the "list of 100 historical articles / topics" in it, find sources for it [sync w fatcat]

  2. mark papers as [[state of the art]]

  3. assemble papers into a dependency graph

  4. run or join a [[reading club]] focusing on an area, a book or a set of papers.



[[hypha]] coop

IL: A healthy subspace for prosocial entities to outperform walled gardens --> here that maximizes your utility and connection.

Deustche Bank famously noted how Elsev is benefitting from a distorted market. (The same applies today to app stores...):


obsd --> github --> agora