∂ part of node [[mmanifesto]]


- In [[Flancia]] there is no [[poverty]].
- In [[Flancia]] there is no [[violence]].
- In [[Flancia]] we will one day [[meet]].
- Flancians strive to be [[honest]], [[charitable]], [[compassive]], [[solidary]], [[ethical]], [[prosocial]].
	- In Flancia there is an [[Agora]].
	- I strive to be a [[rational]] [[cooperativist]], but you don't have to play the same class.
	- [[In my Flancia, people dedicate a meaningful fraction of their free time and resources to help others]].
	- In Flancia everybody [[thrives]].
- [[In Flancia we cooperate our way to an international liquid democratic federation]]. 
	- Our default policy is [[heterarchy]] as defined through [[distributed]] [[liquid democracy]].
	- In my Flancia, [[cooperatives and collectives upgrade capitalism]].