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Neil Harbisson

  • A [[cyborg]], [[artist]].
  • [[go]] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neil_Harbisson
    • "Harbisson defines his work as cyborg art, the art of designing new senses and new organs, and the art of merging with them."
    • "Harbisson has given permission to five friends, one in each continent, to send colours, images, videos or sounds directly into his head."
    • "The transdental communication system is composed by two teeth, each containing a bluetooth enabled button and a mini vibrator. Whenever the button is pressed it sends a vibration to the other person’s tooth. One tooth was installed in Harbisson's mouth and the other tooth in Moon Ribas's mouth. Both Harbisson and Ribas know how to communicate in morse code, therefore they are able to communicate from tooth to tooth. The first demonstration of the system was presented in São Paulo."
  • Collaborators: [[Moon Ribas]].