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Chat: 2020-11-06

  • [[dream project]] is a [[polymath club]]: https://twitter.com/NormanChella/status/1319216375240404997
    • cares about [[polymathy studies]] more than about the credentials of being a polymath. there is no end goal; it is an activity, a work in progress.
    • current society forces you to stay in a track of specialization.
    • "polymaths in progress": a manifesto for this attitude.
    • polymaths helping each other with an overlapping
    • topic: amateurism, can it sometimes be disrepect towards a discipline?
  • [[polymathy]] is a [[state of being]]. In that state, there is only a state of connection.
  • [[expert]] == a [[miner]]
  • [[polymath]] == [[depth]] + [[breadth]] + [[integration]]. A polymath pursues a mission: there are no disciplines, there are other connections. This is a spectrum, though.
  • topics:
    • dilettantes/generalists
  • social networks are user content plus an algorithm
  • twitter: more than one network. many.
  • norman: "when I go into twitter, I want to be <blank>". I have an intention.
  • but then I might get triggered by something. the algorithm seems to work 70% well, sometimes I also do not respect my own intentions.
  • topics:
    • increasing polarization -> algorithms