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  • [[roam research]]
  • Is it always open?
  • One thing nice about google maps: when you add something, you can add a context.
  • Uses [[foursquare]]. Constantly annoyed because it's not the same.
  • One possible problem: people understand wikipedia, understand facebook; don't understand everything2.com.
  • [[logseq]]
  • Into [[podcast]]s.
  • In [[poddyssey]]: https://podyssey.fm/olofl.
  • Q: what about the language issue?
    • A: every language is welcome. But we should probably add a language filtering/ranking feature.
    • Twitter sucks at multi-language a lot. Allows to translate it, but requires action.
  • Was an early [[wikipedia]] contributor! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Loffe
  • [[agora protocol]]
  • Work example
    • There's all this modes of communication that happen when we want to solve a problem: chat (different chats), bugs, conversations in bugs, documents.
    • How do we have meaningful conversations?
    • Wikipedia has only talk pages.
  • Has a friend that could be interested in the [[Agora]].
  • See [[agora howto]], [[agora plan]].
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