∂ part of node [[pfrazee]]



  • Greetings!
  • [[ctzn]] and ctzn.one
    • using the hypercore p2p mesh to sync between devices
    • [[hybrid]] between [[federated]] and [[p2p]]
    • [[activitypub]] is more push, this is more pull based
    • as much as possible every action occurs [[on chain]]
      • imagine a [[ban]] action: a moderator adds a [[ban]] record, the computer running the network applies the action if the permissions are there
  • [[vision]]
  • [[agora]]
  • [[differences]] and comments
    • [[acme editor]]: the UI of the editor is all editable
    • approach: "no novel pains in the butt"
    • implementing [[reactions]] soon
  • do you need something?
    • step 1: get software to beta
    • step 2: growth -- bring in people
      • success: hockey stick growth, 10-20% mo/mo
    • step 3: fund raise, business model close to wordpress (running infra in people's behalf)