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Participants: Matt N, Mica, Eduardo

    [mica] games night, was in new jersey recently

    socrates park

    matt: noguchi museum

    [matt] going to the beach for first time in a long time! cape cod

    [eduardo] lots of work, projects, writing a book chapter on knowledge maps, family visits, how to schedule time for social.coop

    [sam] work work and more work :)


    compensation log: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1QJTAcpOuEnliaHvb4fxIy_TxowBepv4EyOsJD4ZLgZE/edit#gid=619991082 <button class="pull-url auto-pull-button" value="https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1QJTAcpOuEnliaHvb4fxIy_TxowBepv4EyOsJD4ZLgZE/edit#gid=619991082">pull</button> 

    Invoice template is now at bottom of compensation log spreadsheet

    July approved

    Sam will onboard Eduardo


    Q: how do we coordinate time within the group?


    there's still a Google calendar somewhere.

    please invite 0@flancia.org or eduardo@flancia.org

    in general this meeting happens in the first week of each month, but the time/day of the week varies (we're experimenting)

    Quick recap of three top oncall duties


    new registrations

    loomio & announcements

    loomio meaning accepting users, changing their titles to match mastodon handles

    -> One Registration as possible cross-working-group large (>1y) project

    [matt] is still doing meet.coop registrations single-handedly

Minutes: Eduardo

On call check-ins



    [eduardo] link? how to resolve this ID? (guessing in the mastodon UI?)

    -> got it, it's https://social.coop/admin/reports/210

    [mica] cross-reporting of spam, resulted in cross-blocking in the end

    "reported by mastodon.social"

    might be an anonymous report from that instance?

    is the activity actually borderline spam?

    they're not mentioning people directly, just broadcasting things that seem interesting to them

    [matt] "assign to me" can be used to claim reports (point out you're working on them)

    Will start using this

    Use the hand-offs... on Loomio thread: https://www.loomio.org/d/uvJFRbVP/on-call-pass-ons



    [mica] on the issue with missing registration(s)

    intro email can be sent

    but there's probably a greater issue we want to 

    moderation reports


Previous tasks

    meet your ops team event

    [mica] very valuable to have the teams meet each other -- it was a bit like two events in one

    [sam] nice that self-centeredness is defined w.r.t. a group in cooperative circles

    [matt] some AIs came out of this

    [eduardo] remember the one about reusing mechanisms for scheduling meetings and coordinating


    Matt N: start Loomio vote on adding Eduardo

    Mica: handle open moderation issue, onboard missing registration

    Emi: (on holiday)

    Sam: write something on the "Twitter repost" question, onboard Eduardo

    Eduardo: define source of truth for next steps for possible cross-wg-projects:

    One Registration

    social.coop at a glance

    Eduardo: look into missing registration, agree on a time for onboarding with Sam
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