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Some Possible Paths to Flancia

  • [[Agora]]
    • The Agora as a tool for constructive magical thinking
    • Three example Agoras
    • How they could interop
    • Stoas, gardens, circles.
    • Application: UBI
      • Short term BI experiments
      • GiveDirectly
      • Group incomes
    • Application: freeing the internet
      • Profit distribution: Coca Cola doesn't really care which specific platform users are in
      • Flanbook
    • Groups as RPG parties
      • Roles in a project
      • Explorer, miner, toolmaker/artisan
  • The [[Tools of the Agora]]
    • A contract
    • A protocol
    • An assistant
  • [[Flancia]] is what [[Flancians]] could build using an [[Agora]]
    • Honest, earnest, kind-hearted people doing their best.
    • Belief as a tool for cooperation
  • What we need to build Flancia is more Flancians. Flancia is the bolo of Flancians.
  • To be continued.
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