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  • To go from spaces to tabs in Python code:
    • for i in *py; do unexpand -t 4 $i | sponge $i; done
  • To go from tabs to spaces in Python code:
    • for i in *py; do expand -t 4 $i | sponge $i; done
  • [[pep8]] is against tabs in Python code. We are currently experimenting with using tabs in [[agora server]] regardless.
    • In .vimrc you might need to add:
      • " work around python filetype's insistence that tabs are 8 spaces wide
        let g:python_recommended_style = 0
        filetype plugin indent on
        syntax on
        set tabstop=4
    • Update: I'm reverting this experiment, I think it would impose too large of a burden on new contributors at this point, as both vim and python seem to assume you want to follow [[pep8]]. The [[google style guide]] also recommends four spaces even though it overrides some other aspects of [[pep8]], so this is pretty widely the standard.
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