Contemporary artists using annotation.

Erasure series by [[bethany joy collins]]. A trace of language:

[[Pasted image [b20210621181235.png]]

[[wendy red star]]'s [[medicine man]]:

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[[laura owens]] created a series of emojis that could be downloaded by attendees:

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Why do artists annotate?

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Motivation. The enjoyment at the margins (or in the overlay?).

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About Speculative Annotation.

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Speculation references speculative fiction (fantasy, sci fi).

[[Speculation is a form of investigation]]:

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Goals: [[direct conversation with primary sources]], [[share items in a context]]:

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[[Pasted image 20210621182232.png]]

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Everything is saved in the browser. There's no server.

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There is a [[speculative annotation mini collection]].

[[codex]] will like this one:

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[[Pasted image 20210621182826.png]]

The project spanned 12 (!) divisions of the library.

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User testing.

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Then the talk went into amazing examples of annotation by students, which I won't reproduce here as they had written consent to show work by minors and I wouldn't want to breach anyone's consent.

No social support:

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Except #AnnotateLOC (could be aggregated in the [[agora]]?).

The [[rosenwald manuscript]] annotated:

[[Pasted image 20210621183412.png]]

[[patsy mink]] manuscript annotations by [[liz novara]]:

[[Pasted image 20210621183652.png]]


[[Pasted image 20210621183702.png]]

Activity: we annotate [[the left hand of darkness]]. But first Q&A.