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  • a [[table]]
    • by [[Catherine Aimelet-Périssol]]
    • three parts: [[fear]], [[anger]], [[sadness]].
    • #push [[sadness]]
      • state of heaviness, laxitude, physical weakness, sensation of being lost, being depressed, feeling like laying down, heaviness, feeling like crying
      • "what am I thinking about?"
      • "want to be left alone or in peace"
      • questioning oneself / doubts about self
      • feelings of guilt
      • solitude
      • others (I didn't get how this related to the other, these seemed positive?)
        • devote/dedicate oneself to others
        • to give meaning to one self
      • telling to oneself:
        • I should not value myself
        • I should not show myself
        • I should not say anything
      • to retire into one self
        • to efface oneself
        • to seek for perfection
        • to feel uneasy with compliments
        • to explain everything
      • what do I need?
        • meaning
        • harmony
        • initiative
        • comprehension
        • direction
      • I can:
        • breathe deeply
        • name the feelings
        • name the emotions and their intensity
        • look at the flow of thoughts
        • come back to the body
    • [[fear]]
    • [[anger]]
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