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Stephen Wolfram

  • Huh, interesting that I don't have more here already.
  • Listened to first podcast with [[Lex Fridman]]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ez773teNFYA
    • Last half an hour in particular:
  • [[2020-11-21]] been listening to the second podcast episode with [[Lex Fridman]]. Four hours and a half long, but really good stuff. You can really feel Lex being enthusiastic about Wolfram's research.
    • [[go]] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-t1_ffaFXao
    • Physics might indeed be different to different intelligences in the universe because their context (and scale) might be different enough so that the set of physics that is relevant to their being varies.
      • The speed of light could very well have been infinite. We only notice it is finite because of ping on the internet; that's the full extent that fact seems to affect our daily life.
    • https://twitter.com/flancian/status/1329862640877907982
    • 3h33m in, a great recap of [[mathematics is a graph]].
      • "There are five platonic solids" is the hardest proof in [[Euclid]]: 33 steps through axioms.
      • The graph's geometry is that of the relations between all mathematical facts. The graph's geography is the space that mathematicians happened to be able to explore.
      • The geometry explains why math is hard: many paths are not computable in finite time. [[Gödel]].
      • The geography explains why it's possible: we are exposed to sections which happened to be reachable by people (processes) operating in math space with computable functions.
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