∂ part of node [[tienson-qin]]


  • huge fan!
  • what does [[logseq]] need/how are you doing?
  • why [[logseq]] was written
    • worked for [[streamlabs]]
    • been doing [[clojure]] for 10y (!)
      • started with php many years ago :)
      • completely rewrote in clojure
    • was personally using [[org mode]] and [[tiddlywiki]]
      • q: how difficult it is to support logseq with both org mode and markdown?
      • not very hard as they both get converted to [[datascript]]
  • q: do you plan to go beyond [[outliner]] mode?
    • fan of [[whimsical]], but commercial/not open source
    • want to have different modes, not only outliner
  • q: are you interested in cross-platform login/signup
  • q: how should platforms integrate with logseq?
    • ...
  • [[agora]] vision
    • social media integration

Example of free form section

This would be an example of a non-outliner section.