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If you know how to type, why don't you write?

Moloch is the god of closed source.

I'd like to talk about [[techne]] vs [[episteme]], and their synergies.

[[draft]] In Flancia they tried a law: every time a corporation clearly goes into decline, with decline being defined has betraying their original set of values for pecuniary interests, they must change their slogan to "crappier every day" or dissolve and be reintegrated.

In Flancia they tried a law: every time a corporation clearly went into decline, with decline being defined has betraying their original set of values for lesser interests, they had to change their slogan to "crappier every day" or dissolve and reintegrate.

I failed there and just posted that on Twitter when I had originally meant not to go to Twitter. This is what Twitter does, I tell myself -- but in reality it is also what I do to myself.

When I'm afraid I'm not alone, when I'm alone I'm not afraid.

Now I'll go actually code for the Twitter API (yikes).

How should I make it so that this document gets tweeted out? It would be easy to tweet these as @an_agora

@bmann I think what we should do with [[moa]] is make it into a smarter/social cross poster: its users should be able to 1. easily find each other in all supported networks and 2. depend on Moa to cross-post threads with minimal information loss when several thread participants are in both sides across an interop interface. Like in this thread: if you reply to me in either network, it would make sense for your reply to be interoped.

Failed again. Back to work :)

One incantation to enter the Agora is: sudo su - agora

Me parece que encontré la forma de simularme a mí mismo, al menos cuando estoy frente a una computadora.

I think I might have found the way to simulate myself, at least while I'm sitting in front of a computer.

  • I'm writing a command I've named [[become]].

    • become thecla [[agora bot]], you'll be able to say, and it'll teleport you into the [[agora bot]] development environment in host [[thecla]].
    • become $HOST connects to the host in question with your preferred method (ssh, mosh) and attaches to tmux/screen or creates a new session if needed.
  • If in doubt, go to [[zero]].

    • In many contexts at first it feels like it's out of bounds. In those, what does it mean?
    • I think of it as starting over, now with improved awareness.
  • I'd like to [[keylog]] myself.

  • I sort of was hoping for [[wayland]] to be in [[rust]], but it's [[c]]: https://github.com/wayland-project/wayland/tree/main/src.

  • I think I need to learn [[oauth]].

  • I think I need to do [[agora bridge api]] in [[node]]/[[typescript]].

  • Added backoff to agora bot, improved logging.

  • [[flow]]

  • On my Lenovo laptop when you hold the middle trackpad button you can scroll using the trackpoint. TIL.

  • Lady Burup fixed my trackpad by walking over my laptop and shutting it down (hard). I had tried rebooting earlier and that hadn't worked, a full power down was needed somehow (unsure why I didn't think of this, but I didn't have to thanks to Lady Burup).

  • There is a word for an entity that embeds itself in another, takes energy or information and doesn't give back in kind. It's also a hit 2019 movie.

  • Whenever I find something, I ask myself: how can we use this to [[slay moloch]]?

  • on [[building]].

    • I think we should [[build more bridges]].
    • I think we should [[build pyramids]], but under one condition only: each unit block we add to them (Minecraft like) maps to a human being that died without having gotten the necessary living conditions to [[thrive]] in some region of the universe.
  • Some days I "tweet" here in the Agora instead of live on Twitter/Mastodon. I will eventually make it so that blocks here are auto-tweeted/tooted, but for now honestly it's also fine as it is.

  • [[meditations on procrastination]]

  • The Agora Server code is feeling hackier and hackier, I really need to dedicate some time to fixing TODOs and moving to some better abstractions.

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