∂ part of node [[typescript]]


  • A [[language]]
    • A language I don't know it very well built to replace or complement another language I know little/badly/in an old school way (JS).
    • But I think I need to learn client side coding, so there you go; TS it is.
    • I started a 20% contribution at the day job in [[typescript]] and I learnt a bit; I liked what I learnt. It's a better javascript with what I would call solid type inference (unsure if that's the right technical term though, need to review.)
    • [[clojurescript]] could be an alternative. It is [[cojure]] for the browser. I started learning [[clojure]]. I start doing many things :)
    • [[agora ext]] uses [[typescript]].
    • [[agora bridge api]] uses [[typescript]].
    • [[agora server]] uses [[typescript]] for it's client side code.