UBI Zurich

Proposal in English (translated by [[deepl]])

Based on Art. 15 et seq. of the municipal regulations of the City of Zurich and the law on political rights, the undersigned voters of the City of Zurich submit the following request in the form of a general proposal:

The City of Zurich shall ensure the implementation of a scientifically accompanied pilot experiment on a basic income. Within the framework of the pilot experiment, a group of persons of legal age registered in Zurich with Swiss citizenship, residence or settlement permit will receive a basic income to be paid out monthly without consideration, which will be paid out independently of the participants' assets, income and employment status.

The basic income is determined as a uniform amount in Swiss francs per person and per month. This amount may not be less than the usual amount in Zurich for a social subsistence minimum plus income tax allowance / integration allowance per person.

If possible, the city should calculate a progressive special tax based on the income of the trial participants. The amount paid out to these participants will be reduced by this calculated tax until it reaches zero for an income to be determined.

The pilot scheme is financed by the city's own resources. Replacement or supplementary financing through third-party funds will be examined by the city.

The City of Zurich will invite tenders for the scientific monitoring of the pilot experiment for one or more Swiss universities. A corresponding control group without basic income is also part of the pilot experiment. The representativeness of the study according to scientific standards must be guaranteed.

The duration of the pilot experiment should be at least 36 months.

Participation in the pilot project is voluntary and based on cooperation.

The City of Zurich seeks dialogue and cooperation with other communities in Switzerland that are planning and/or conducting comparable pilot experiments.