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work log

  • My [[journal]] serves as a bit of a work log, although sometimes I wonder if having a single page where I write only while actually doing focused work according to some particular definition (e.g. while doing [[pomodoros]]).

9m30 into a 25' first pomodoro of the day, I've done mostly maintenance of todos: ranked tasks to be done (needed to be done, not procrastinating), committed to my plan of four pomodoros today by scheduling pomodoros 1 to 4. Now with 14m20s left I move on and start on task 1.

  • [[empty nodes should auto pull stoa]]
    • vscode isn't ready (remote connection hanged, had to restart). on restarting it takes 10 seconds to boot (!) and it takes me to the wrong workspace. two minutes lost.
    • looking for an agora page to test on I find [[guernica]] as noded by [[neil]]. It is only a stub but it yields: the single backlink, [[hyperland]], sounds amazing.