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  • a [[country]].
    • [[capital]] [[sanaa]] [[aden]]
    • [[go]] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yemen
      • wikipedia considers [[aden]] as the temporary capital since [[sanaa]] is controlled by a faction.
      • and the administration resides in [[rihadh]], [[saudi arabia]].
      • the Zaydi Mutawakkilite Kingdom of Yemen was established after World War I before the creation of the Yemen Arab Republic in 1962. South Yemen remained a British protectorate as the Aden Protectorate until 1967 when it became an independent state and later, a Marxist-Leninist state. The two Yemeni states united to form the modern Republic of Yemen (al-Jumhūrīyah al-Yamanīyah) in 1990. President Ali Abdullah Saleh was the first president of the new republic until his resignation in 2012 in the wake of the Arab Spring.[19][20]

      • 85% of population needs [[humanitarian aid]].
      • [[yemenis]]
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