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It started as a joke, partly a reflection on my own egocentrism. We loved doing [[Yoga with Adriene]] and [[Benji]] but sometimes struggled with poses and transitions; the opportunity to watch ourselves while we were doing [[yoga]] proved too tempting, the webcam was pointed, [[meet]] was opened, then we were off.

From there to recording us was but a step; and from there to [[fractal yoga]], recursively many (just joking -- it was two.) But that was later. First came the [[mirrors]] -- by which I mean additional [[screens]], phones, laptops -- showing the same yoga video through the convenient mean of a remote screen connection. This solved the issue of not being able to see Adriene (or, indeed, us) while in a pose facing away from the main screen.

(A screen is unlike a mirror in that it doesn't necessarily flip its image nor require opposition with its subject. But I digress. This could lead to [[Caramel City]].)


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