I see your dance
in the shiver of branches
in the flecks of snow
spattering me with life

I hear your chuckle
In eddies of wind
That caress hard bark
Guarding life underneath

I taste your skin
In the cold air
That warms my heart

I smell your sex
In every abyss
In every moment
Where I am lost
In something vast
And awesome
Where I cease to be
And am a part
Of everything around me

I feel your mind
In thoughts that have a grace
That I never had (surely that wasn't from me)
I feel your mind
In the joy of a furry thing
In the comfort of sisterhoods
I feel your mind
In the bridges I want to build
In the civilization I will accept
I feel your mind
In the laughter you've allowed
In the comfort you've nurtured

I feel you
In me
I feel God
Through Us

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