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  • "To be a successful [[soldier]] you must know history. Read it objectively–dates and even the minute details of tactics are useless. What you must know is how man reacts. [[Weapons]] change but man who uses them changes not at all. To win battles you do not beat weapons–you beat the [[soul]] of man of the enemy man. To do that you have to destroy his weapons, but that is only incidental. You must read biography and especially [[autobiography]]. If you will do it you will find that war is [[simple]]. Decide what will hurt the [[enemy]] most within the limits of your capabilities to harm him and then do it. TAKE CALCULATED RISKS. That is quite different from being rash. " [[Patton]]
  • To move along the line of natural [[expectation]] consolidates the [[opponent]]'s [[equilibrium]].
  • [[Weapons]] cannot fight without men, but men can fight without weapons.
  • Women in war collapsed:: true
    • Deborah Sampson: disguised as man to serve in Continental Army
    • They Fought Like Demons: American Civil War
    • Lt. Ashley White and Cpt. Jennifer Moreno, died as cultural support
    • Mary Jennings Hegar
    • Danger Close by Amber Smith
  • The more [[relaxed]] you are, the harder it is for your [[opponent]] to sense, anticipate, and [[block]] your next [[attack]].
  • SUMO MOSES collapsed:: true
    • Surprise Unity Mobility Offense
    • Mass Objective Security Economy of Force Simplicity
  • "Mutual [[trust]] is the surest basis of [[discipline]] in necessity and [[danger]]."
  • When you must give an [[order]], use landmarks instead of a [[map]] (wherever possible).
  • Cultivate decisive action.
  • Hinder your [[enemy]]'s [[range]] of [[motion]] rather than trying to crush them totally.
  • [[Conviction]] is seeing actual paths to your end.
  • [[Fit]] your [[ends]] to your [[means]].
  • Direct [[conflict]] does allow for [[decisive]] [[victory]] only because of how it changes the viewer's [[perception]].
  • Never [[fight]] except when you [[choose]].
  • [[Phalanx]] only wins on flat open [[ground]].
  • It is not the [[big]] armies that [[win]] [[battle]]s, it is the [[good]] ones.
  • instead of 'being' in combat, most followers of [[styles]] 'do' combat.
  • If you follow an established [[system]], you are learning the system. You are not learning [[yourself]].
  • Truth is [[relationship]] with the [[enemy]]: constantly [[moving]] and [[alive]]. Never static. collapsed:: true
    • Do not [[select]] or [[reject]]; hang on to no thoughts. If you are clear and simple, you never have to choose.
  • From the [[old,]] [[security]]. From the [[new]], [[flow]].
  • To [[understand]] combat, approach it simply and directly. collapsed:: true
    • Understanding requires continuous [[awareness]].
  • When [[hit]], [[move]] and fire.
  • [[Tanks]] have [[angle]] of fire limitations that are up and down as well, not just left and right.
  • FIRST, MOBILIZE YOUR [[WILL]]: directives from the Russian side of the Chechen war.

    1. Always maintain your [[authority]]. -Patronizing means you're [[weak]] -to affect authority means you have no authority
    2. Don't [[steal]] from your people.
    3. Be [[fair]]/predictable.
    4. Reward the local when they do something aligned with you.
    5. Display a sense of calm and self-worth.
    6. Never beat a Chechen. Do not humiliate. Do not abuse. You will only embitter them.
    7. Do not insult their women.
    8. Do not blame the one in front of you for the last attack you suffered.
    9. Study their culture.
    10. You are always at war. The one in front of you may not be on your side. Win them.
  • [[Hug]]ging is the practice of staying 50-200m of the enemy to avoid close range fire support. This is similar to being 'in the pocket' in [[boxing]] or [[MMA]].
  • De[[moral]]ize the [[enemy]] before you get to them so that the [[fight]] is over before it starts.
  • If the [[enemy]] has an [[immobilized]] [[part]] that is between its[[main body]] and its [[base]], drive toward that part so that the main body is disconnected from the base. [[move]]
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