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Digital garden is a metaphor and a practice for a digital resource such as a website, usually managed (“grown”) by one person. Its content is usually placed not chronologically, but in a different way. Incompleteness of content units such as articles is pretty common. An unfinished article is a sapling, and the webmaster is a gardener.

A digital garden is a sort of a [[personal website]].

See [[цифровой сад]] for more information in Russian.

Some gardens and personal [[wiki]]s:

=> http://webseitz.fluxent.com/wiki/FrontPage => https://pbat.ch/wiki => https://gavart.ist => https://nchrs.xyz => http://anish.lakhwara.com => https://sona.kytta.dev/

[[Agora]] aggregates digital gardens.

= Links => https://doubleloop.net/2021/05/16/heh-nice-the-digital-garden-metaphor/

Heh nice the digital garden metaphor makes an appearance in Free, Fair and Alive

<= Flux Garden

=> http://thoughtstorms.info/view/GardenImagologies

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