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13:15 lack of divorce

i wonder how much parental divorce would have changed me extremely privileged to realize that i have had a good upbringing without substantial trauma, but i wonder if a divorce and the subsequent process of navigating my relationship with my parents and others would have been beneficial for me in terms of personal and interpersonal development.

navigating coplex familial relationships feels like a headache, but it may have made me more sociable.

i suppose i am just looking for justification for my current state :: why am i not currently having an easy time reaching out to others? how do i begin to navigate a new environment?

maybe these things will come with time

13:35 tattoos

i used to be afraid of permanent modification now i welcome it :: it feels like i am recording myself at a moment in time to be ashamed of the past is to welcome the future it is good to acknowledge myself now && continue to move on!

22:00 awakening the prana and apana

https://freddieyam.com/gen2/p/the-day-my-kundalini-woke-up.html the kundalini is the way to enligntenment

focus your attention on the place you expect to find them

  • prana :: associated with defecation

  • apana :: associated with breathing

senstations in rectum and chest, respectively the sleeping Kundalini is said to coil around the coccyx, or vestigial tailbone

attempt to visualize light stretch physically to induce feeling of hollowness perceive energy moving downward throuhg lungs, contracting chest muscles abdomen: contract muscles to induce accumulating energy perceive feeling of lower spine moving towards the head anus downward moving energy due to apana two attentions: induction of particular percentpions and looking with imprecise expectations


  • sphincter muscles quivered light in head becomes increasingly bright and dense voltage building between head and anus kundalini explosion from deliberate isometric contractions of anus, buttocks, perineum and thighs shaking legs violently, sometimes pressing thighs together. tiring

    link between sensations in head and anus cold sensation in abdomen below navel


after three days of meditation and several hours on the third day mind becomes quieter with head splitting between anus and head brilliant and deafening noise, work dark and huge jet of energy through the body completely filled head and body, originating at collar bone light and noise vanish instantly


clearly elevated spiritual state others seem divine, aware of essential goodness and infinite importance condition lasted three days; conviction that world is benevolent and good humored you become a saint and smile at everyone! you can permanently remain in state and stay a saint

absolutely happy and fearless : )

follow up

https://realization.org/p/freddie-yam/after-my-kundalini-woke-up.html we realize that everything is god.

22:08 my day today

i basically got lost in sodermalm seeing christmas music in the park, people fly fishing, park in the city it was like bliss everyone so happy feels like heaven hard to say that people are depressed here, people seem to be very content and to worry less i also got lost and that was very stresffful but i love the nature vibe

22:34 survival guide to phd

the namesake article can be found on andrej karpathy's blog

  • maximizing variance

  • extreme period of personal growth and self discovery

  • high density of exceptionally bright people who will become your best friends

  • expertise, only opportunity to become a recognized expert in the world at something !

there are lots of downsides! this is a very specific kind of experience that deserves a disclaimer. will end up working very hard and have to be OK with the suffering. need mental fortitude to handle the pressure, push through adn become successful

will have to put up with friends making actual money and living while you toil at PhD: (i'm actually totally okay with this, honestly.)

struggle that months of work are put into paper with a few citations while friends are working on exciting startups and pushing product will continue to question your life decisions must be certain that you can thrive in environment pursuing science. unsure: lean negative by default but mbe open to transformation phd has strong intrinsic value, not necc a means to an end !!!!!!!

picking the school

should be a top school top schools will attract other top people

have potential advisors -- more than one! -- that you would like to work with. student advisor relationship is incrediblt important. must prioritize each persons goal, understand advisors incentive structures and department projects you must help them gain more recognition through you! this is actually not just pro interaction

many axes to be aware of: fluffy vs professional, details of work vs hands off, some on specific models and others on specific tasks, some will meet you frequently and some wont, some answer emails right away and others never, some strongly support and others are cool with whatever

should first collect references; talking to students in casual environment etc want truthful answers to super specific questions must impress advisor and appeal to them for them to pick you! consider the entire lab

an exercise in the outer loop. fun adn frustrating experience, operating at a meta outer loop what problems are worth solving? what problems are ripe for solving?

we must develop a sense of 'taste' when it comes to problems; what problems are worth solving? what are worth thinking about? is it time to solve those problems yet? make sure you develop that taste as you come in the problems should be well conceived, tractable and relevant. make sure to start refining these.

make sure you know your advisors interests and strengths interests and strengths intimately

sublinear scaling of hardness

:: a 10x more impactful problem feels 10x harder, but this is a fallacy! it is often at most 2x - 3x more difficult to achieve, and can be easier but it forces you outside of the box, confronting the real limitations, thinking from first principles, changing strategy and innovating improve by 10% you are likely to, improve by 100% you will have to do things differently

be ambitious but with an attack

there are lots of important problems that do not make great 'projects' "If you do not work on an important problem, it's unlikely you'll every do important work. Great scientists have thought through, in a careful way, a number of important problems in their field, and they keep an eye on wondering how to attack them."

Ex. The three outstanding problems in physics were never worked at at Bell, but they are not actually important problems because there is no attack! The reasonable attack is the most important part of pursuing a problem.

be the man

be the person who did x. make a mark. you develop incredible skills !! according to Gladwell, a PhD makes you a bona fide expert imagine being an expert -- will these tools advantage you or excite you? hell the fuck yeah


'incremental work' :: makes something more complex, gets better benchmark

  • not very productive, but will not be highly cited or used

ex. his thesis: took a long time to navigate the metaproblem and actually find the problem space and problem to be excited about working on.chat about interesting problems and see where interesting things are going. find something fertile, something promising, something with a lot of interesting possibilities find something practical at the moment - is it time for the technology? is it not there yet?


the advisor is not invallible

do not play game

a phd is more than just a sequence of papers you are a member of a community and your motivation is to further the interests of this community look beyond the academic game and think about what you can improve beyond all of these papers! e.g. blog improve academic search tools! improve teaching! improve the work.

writing papers

make sure to review lots of papers to learn have large exposure to lots of bad papers to learn what not to do -- more important than just 'following a formula' to a good paper rely on the 'gestalt' of the papers; how does it look? how is the density? how is the framework? use the same language as others so that professors will pick them up and favorably judge identify the core contribution of the work and focus entirely on what forwards that develop a vocabulary to use. do this by writing frequently

attending conferences

go! go! go to the confreences! make sure to visit and it is so worth it to pay for them it is so important to become part of the community and share ideas, and many of the problems you are working on are so in line with the priorities of others in the field that you might as well play an active part in discussing methods, ideas etc

'there are three stages to a phd; in first, you haven't read most of the papers. in second, you recognize all of the papers. in third, you've had a beer with the first authors of all of the papers!'

there are no shortcuts or cheats. you can't game the system or put up false appearances ultimately you are trying to do good research and if you game any of the proxy metrics you won't be successful in the long run

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