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14:53 institutional dependence of social signaling

how valid is it to trust institutional membership as an indicator of success? why do people feel prideful of their institutions?

to me, the institution is useful insofar as it's a means to an end; i'm not sure to what degree it helps me connectw ith or relate to others, but it can help people find similar common interests or remind them of their pasts?

15:58 intrinsic and extrinsic freedoms

intrinsic: the lack of concern for self expression extrinsic: personal autonomy external to oneself not having to worry about external services or concerns what is important may be being the most free i don't have a great interest in personal responsibility, and i don't do a lot with my time; but i am interested in having that time to do things with

schedules don't speak to me like they should sometimes things just fit!

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