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21:46 life of designers

daily routines with designers article i love love love the flow and the op-1 animations!

becki kozel

brooklyn! founded small, independent company. amassed a large library to look up in and research for creative inspiration multitasking, wearing a lot of hats very quickly, is so big and can drive you!

i love the rush right before the building learn to sketch by hand! incorporate hand-sewn elements and documentation focus: good music, get into groove, removce all distractions take a break once an hour to take time out in the apartment


fight the blank page!

  • start addign something - anything

  • read the materials again and again to continue to clarify adn constrain your product

  • work in darkness!

  • designing icons and screenshots is incredibly difficult

travel periodically and systematically for creativity

miha motra

always read up on related things, make a brief, etc finish little bits of work gradually rather than the whole thing at once draw by hand, finalize the colors

anton repponen

estonia architecture -> design discuss with the customer for a long long time then begin the research process no burnouts! you can't burn out when you have more experienced and have faced the difficult problems before. keep hacking at it no eyar of a natural cycle

anna something

morning routines! find options that will boost your day sports? workouts? don't do things that consume a lot of your willpower so early. digital or analog?

free write! this helps you begin to understand and reason with yourself, writing about your experiences and recording them will help you understand yourself -- storytelling and psychoanalysis. what is SWAT? five whys? story of endles problems or an amazing journey

health goth health goth health goth https://healthgoth.popkern.co/

developing an eye is so important admire work and determine a systematic vacuum do not fall victim to thinking the world shares the same cultural values you do


  • do not consume new content except wehn planned

  • set a time interval for research -- only this much time to accomplish or finish somethign

  • need some way to collect all references in one place and search through them

23:36 intake too much

it's time to cut things off and work internally.

time to work hard

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