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15:14 luck

read an interesting reddit thread about how much we tend to disregard luck in western culture.

the belief that we have the ability to transform our circumstances means, conseqently, that we take responsibility for many of our faults, trying to attribute them to concrete actions and failures of our own or of those around us rather than putting them to 'luck' or 'circumstance'.

one of the most important things one can do is to determine what is in their control and what is outside it. this is the first step towards seizing opportunities that are in one's control rather than those that are down to chance, taking advantage of the circumstances we currently possess is vital to being able to succeed.

all the same, of course it's dangerous to say that life's luck; we can take charge of our own decisions to a degree. the balance is stricken when we dismiss things we cannot control and seize control of those we properly can.

i suppose this is not a new idea but i needed a reminder of this

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