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11:43 changing mindset

this week i've realized how easy and free it is to be completely independent. it takees a bit of self control, sure, and i think everyone has work to do in that department -- but thinking uncouples from home is freeing. decoupling the idea of a living space from a home, work from life and career is one necessary step towards self realization, i think. i can work independent of my expectations, of a conventional life path, of a path i want to pursue (even if it's not the most rational) and i absolutely have the means to do so. i want to live in nature! limit my access to the internet! i want to learn to treasure local, small software to better approach technology in a minimal fashion. some advice for living digital nomad full time realistically, even when overpaying for airbnbs for rent month by month, finances often end up less expensive than establishing oneself in a large city. not having to keep things and enjoying the living spaces of others is a blessing, not a curse; one gets to enjoy how other people live their lives, to change their environments without defining themselves, and to learn from the choices of others -- letting external factors define their lifestyle. in a digitally connected and homogenous society, we simply don't have access to this anymore.

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