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Jean Yang

https://blog.sigplan.org/2020/10/27/whats-the-role-of-developer-experience-in-programming-languages-research/ excellent article on assessing dev experience and getting concrete info from it

http://firstround.com/review/how-superhuman-built-an-engine-to-find-product-market-fit/#rt_u=1604934611_r4nx1o framework to make product market fit more actionable Growth-share <button class="pull-url" value="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Growth%E2%80%93share_matrix][Growth-share">pull</button> matrix:: A method of using a chart to help corporations organize and analyze business units and product lines.


tweet: from peter drucker: "Leaders focus on doing the right thing, managers focus on doing things right"


advice for working in FOSS full time

Minimum viable usership

https://www.reddit.com/r/dredmorbius/comments/69wk8y/the_tyranny_of_the_minimum_viable_user/ the tool should never be more complicated than the needs of the user; it should serve the single purpose it needs. consequently, complex tasks should never be more complex than the actual task at hand, nor more simple!

Improving work

inspired by Google's work Skira:

  • Psychological evaluations to ensure that employees feel that they are heard and supported

  • Thorough manager and personal feedback

  • Truly collaborative environment vs. one in which time is valued relative to one's importance in the company


OSS Success


I Just Hit $100k/yr On GitHub Sponsors! ?โค๏ธ (How I Did It) | Caleb Porzio brand yourself as a freelancer

Marketing online: getting an audience


  • hijack super timeline for someone big in the niche be one of teh first to respond profit

  • use very specific voice and be very intense about it

  • invest in tools and software for good quality memes

  • always borrow from other sites and make them relevant to yours

  • monitor tweets of specific users to make sure you can interact iwth them

  • never use emojis

  • low lift giveaway

  • build a community

    • create a visual identity, i.e. an emoji next to the name

    • be genuine about the hard stuff

    • go super viral (ugh)

starthouse: decks from the worlds best startups business secrets for terrible people maintaining an online prescence my time as a solo developer advice on cs independent work finding an advisor and doing work to get it done! spec work is unethical unbundling work from employment https://airtable.com/shrzJxrXCaJwwJO2T/tblMZ48gq36WojgtE first run of y combinator and an evaluation of the program standard nda https://gracedobush.com/2014/05/09/a-magazine-pitch-that-totally-worked/ quick notes on pitching to a magazine! https://hyperallergic.com/530196/a-viral-list-of-hundreds-of-opportunities-for-artists-compiled-by-one-person-to-encourage-community/ good opportunities for artists! finding the simplest path that could possibly work Metaprogramming how to i reach making money in several months? prodmgmt.world | Success tools for young product teams https://hellohello.is/OpenDesignCritiques free design critiques Web Design https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=24259201 build products well https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=24109636 if it's a nice problem to have, don't solve it now

https://scattered-thoughts.net/writing/small-tech/: inspiration for lots of small companies and ideas! check it out! their blog is pretty good as well.

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