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  • Currently the site is built on the client side

  • Add a CI configuration to build the site on upload

TODOAdd 'Edit on GitHub' button

  • Dependent on CI

  • Allows others to open PRs and edit content from GitHub that is then directly added to the site (and incorporated, via CI)

TODOConvert links to archive.org references on push

this way i'll actually have them in the future should be part of a CI job or something; maybe locally in the editor? could take a lot of time though.

TODOdynamically fetch and insert titles into .org files

this way i dont have to retype the title, as i do most of the time. easier to just go back and change it than to have to manually add the title

TODOremove personal info

some config to prevent pages with personal info from showing in public wiki, but allowing me to browse them freely locally https://covilla.life/ cool idea

https://mrshll.com/ https://siraben.github.io/2020/02/20/free-monads.html https://yggdrasil-network.github.io/

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