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Body modification and enhancement research with artificial tech (no drugs).


These are tempting, but it seems like it could be a bad idea to 'hardcode' a URL that might not function properly in the future -- there's no good way for me to own a domain name without tying it to a specific product or service.

I'm wondering if I should spec into the blockchain URLs with arbitrary extensions now or in the future; those seem like the most reliable way to capture truly permanent links, so long as the heuristic is supported by major browser engines. Wikipedia's <button class="pull-url" value="https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/QR_code][Wikipedia's">pull</button> QR code guide with lots of quality information The Aztec barcode an alternative to the traditional one with supposedly just as much redundancy and a different look. A nice utility for cloning barcodes.

NFC Implants

I'd like to eventually get one of these, but the capacity of storage is increasing incredibly rapidly, and the ability of these implants has not quite cut up. DangerousThings probably the best place now to purchase one of these implants. cloning mifare


kevin tattoos on instagram might be good but he does the same tattoo on everyone... i might want a tattoo for me instead

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