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i always feel this insane pressure to work on things later, to do things later, to put things off - because i'll always be able to do them later.

this just isn't true. later, i'll be a different person in a different place in life with a different perspective and mindset. saying no to doing something now has deprived myself of that experience forever! i'll never be a ble to go back and live the life in which i made the decision to do instead of wait.

i often spend just as much time thinking about these tasks as i would spend actually doing them... from now on, i will aspire to jump the gun. seize the moment. most of the time


it's important to have a structured way of managing information, but this should by no means intrude on your way of livimg life.

i have no desire to keep a daily planner or calendar, and though i acknowledge it would be cool to track such things the uptight discipline this requires is just not for me. i know spontenaity is not heslthy for the human mind and body but i aspire to live it one day

doing it later is like doing everything all at once

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